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I work with organisations of all sizes, across all industries. I offer my services in English and German, with a geographical focus on the UK and continental Europe. I am very passionate about what I do, and I know that the approach of combining project management, consulting, meeting facilitation and business coaching is very powerful. My working style is challenging, professional, and focused on end results, always aiming to bring out the best in people and unlock their potential.

What Clients Say

"I experienced the collaboration with Alexandra as very fruitful and inspiring. Her contribution as the project manager for the Dental Professional Education Project was outstanding and a major factor for the success of this project. We received a lot of helpful hints and tips how to organize, structure and manage projects in a dynamic environment. Especially her communication across all levels from basic project member up to the executive level was remarkable." - Manager Global Projects for Global Marketing & Products, Nobel Biocare, Zurich Switzerland

“Alexandra Wipf is an exceptional management consultant and dedicated business coach who joined as part of an external consultancy team to help develop a business transformation programme. The positive impact Alex made from day one in her role as change agent was extraordinary, not only in the design of the overall programme but especially in the Start-up, Initiation and Delivery of our Sales workstream.

Alex’s project leadership skills demonstrate an extensive range of the desired capabilities, from facilitation of complex workshops/events, to keeping a team focused on getting things done, and done right. Her attention to detail when designing or reviewing solutions has proved itself many times over both the benefits to the project and the associated impacts on the wider organisation. With Alex’s involvement the project team will always have a very clear understanding of “where it needs to go” and be in the position to articulate it accurately when required.

Her passion for coaching shines through, the enthusiasm Alex has for helping people develop their skills and feel empowered is a great credit. Part of her time was spent providing 1:1 executive coaching which has changed the way we work and led to a long term requirement within our business. Personally the engagement with Alex has been invaluable in my development and as a result of her excellent guidance, through working with her and 1:1 coaching sessions, it has enabled me to utilise better my most precious commodity, time. She has shown me a toolkit I can draw on at any stage thus freeing me to think one step ahead. It has been a pleasure working with Alexandra Wipf and I highly recommend her both professionally and personally. I would seize any opportunity to work with her again in the future." – Senior Project Manager, Warrington UK

"The regular coaching sessions we have had since the beginning of the project have proved extremely valuable to me and ultimately the project. You have furnished me with the tools to get the best and the most out of people which in turn has given rise to valuable project outputs. My company put faith in me by giving me the implementation projects but your coaching has been the catalyst I was in need of – but didn’t even know I needed it – to convert the opportunity I have been given. I know myself, compared to just 6-8 weeks ago I am a different project manager. I have clarity around what my role as a PM is, what my objectives are, what I need to do to achieve and implement my position.” – Project Manager, Warrington UK

“I have been so impressed with the work that you have done and facilitated over the period that you have been at our company. I know that you have been an inspiration to many people in the business. Your charismatic, professional and challenging style of delivery is exceptional and it has been a true pleasure to work with you and learn from you. You are a credit to any company that may experience your work in the future. Thanks once again.”  – Head of Client Services, UK

"Alex never ceased to amaze me with her high attention to detail in her capacity as Project Manager on a very complex project. Alex was never afraid to question decisions to ensure they were made for the right reason, she kept the project going with a continuous glut of spinning plates and yet stayed focused to the end. Alex helped others to think out of the box and come up with alternative solutions. A pleasure to work with - I learnt a lot from her!" - Project Manager, Reading UK

“I can clearly recall the first day you came into the business Alex, and immediately I was impressed with the way you facilitated those early meetings and managed key stakeholders.  What came across from the outset was your enthusiasm, energy, experience and eye for detail, as well as that tenacious approach when uncovering issues and identifying solutions. Being the business lead on two major change projects meant that I had to quickly understand the role I played within them, and then to change my approach accordingly in order to drive these projects forwards to successful delivery.  Thank you for your patience during those early days, and for the sensitive way you managed me in identifying and working on the weaknesses I had.

Having a business change partner who is also a professional coach is such a powerful blend that it made the transition so much easier, and without doubt had a massive positive impact on the projects.  Not only were you supporting the change program, you were also assisting me to understand and further develop & build my skill set.  I have benefited enormously from working with you, as have others, and I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a business coach or a change agent.  Thank you for your help, guidance, support, encouragement and time, and best wishes for the future.” – Sales Operations Director and Workstream Business Lead, Wimbledon UK

“If I compare myself now to the person I was 6 months ago, I can see a massive transformation. I am calmer, more confident, more productive, clearer in my thinking, able to converse with and facilitate situations with people of all levels more productively, and so much more. You have given me a fresh way of looking at things. I am finding it very difficult to articulate all that you have done for me and helped me achieve – I realise this is a 2 way street and I have done some work too, but you were the one that opened the door and gave me the confidence to walk through it. Bottom line Alex, I am honoured that you would take the time to help me like you have done and make such a difference to my life. I will always be grateful for everything you have done for me and helped me achieve.” – Project Manager, Warrington UK

"I worked very closely with Alex, who was the Business Change Partner for a large Business Change Programme. Alex's work successfully embedded a new way of working across the company to ensure thorough planning and successful implementation of Change Programmes. Alex's energy, experience and very thorough approach added immense value to the project. In addition to Business Change, Alex also provided professional coaching to a number of senior managers in the business including myself. The coaching was of immense value to me and made a quantifiable difference to the way that I work. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity." – Sales Director and Project Business Lead, Wimbledon UK

“Thank you for your time, effort and energy given during all of our coaching sessions.  Your level of professionalism was exemplary.  You managed to build trust extremely quickly through your overall approach.  This meant I felt completely confident and hence able to explore my emotional thoughts and feelings.  I gained a huge amount from our sessions as I felt able to express, consider and then change fundamental behaviours, guided by your succinct and pragmatic support.

Your unique position of both coach and consultant allowed our sessions to be even more productive.  The fact you had first hand experience of my behaviours in meetings gave you more credibility during our coaching sessions.  I had a choice of coach on this occasion and have had experience of other coaches, you are clearly in a different league given the unique position and insight you gain from both coach and consultant.

Lastly I would like to thank you for your passion you have towards coaching.  You have enabled me to realise that what got me to where I am today is definitely not going to get me where I want to be tomorrow.”  – Commercial Director, Reading UK

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