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"Powerfully combining project management, consulting, business coaching and meeting facilitation to make your projects a lasting success."

Large projects are challenging

Implementing a large project or change programme which impacts people can be a big challenge, both for the company as well as the individuals involved. After all, people tend to be resistant to change, and managing a large scale project is a complex task not to be underestimated. So what might have looked like an excellent project on paper with a great Return on Investment  (ROI) often fails in its implementation, or has a much lower ROI than expected. In some cases, this happens because of the lack of experience in project management. More often however it is because the emotional aspects of the change journey of the individuals impacted are neglected, leading to resistance. Change just doesn’t seem to stick.

How can I help?

Having an experienced business change partner by your side like myself can make all the difference. With my unique blend of experience in change management, consulting, project management, meeting facilitation AND business coaching I can help to address the above mentioned challenges surrounding change projects.

“Having a business change partner who is also a professional coach is such a powerful blend that it made the transition so much easier, and without doubt had a massive positive impact on the projects.” – Sales Operations Director and Workstream Business Lead, Wimbledon UK (for full list of testimonials see "Our Clients" section)

How is what I offer different?

What sets me apart from other consultants or project managers is my unique combination of executive coaching, project management  and consulting. All change always involves tangible and intangible aspects, rational and emotional aspects. With my experience in project management and consulting I help address the tangible aspects, supporting the project team in delivering an efficient and successful project, passing on useful skills and techniques along the way. The coaching focuses on the less tangible aspects of the change journey. As a business coach, I support key stakeholders and project team members along their personal change journey. I also provide guidance on how to engage the organisation as a whole, to ensure lasting success of the desired changes (“making change stick”).

How does it work?

I work alongside your project team 2 to 5 days a week, depending on your requirements and the size of the project(s). I also work alongside external consultancy teams, to provide the missing link of coaching and change management. I support the project teams in their various tasks of managing the project, and provide coaching “on the job” as well as business coaching on a 1:1 basis with key stakeholders and project team members. My philosophy centres around skills transfer and personal empowerment, helping to unlock people’s potential. This allows your organisation to successfully run projects in the future without the need for external support, as well as boost the skills and confidence of your in-house talent.

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